How the Premier Pie 'n' Pea event went...

Posted on April 28, 2017

We got the day away with our signature Premier Transport welcome by picking up our passengers to bring directly to the venue which is the Lindisfarne social club in Wallsend. We managed to get a full house with over 130 people ready to have a great day of fun and entertainment.

With our crowd all in place it was over to our day’s entertainer Baldy Holly of The Baldy Holly band to take to the stage and get his first set underway. With a wide range of music from old classics Baldy was on form as always to give his own rendition of these classic numbers.

After his first set it’s onto the grub with a hot pie ‘n’ pea lunch served up ready to get the belly’s full and ready for the 2nd half of the day’s entertainment. Our compare Terry Sweeny then takes over to get the bingo underway and raffle. After that it’s back to the show again with Baldy Holly taking it up a notch to get the crowd off their feet and onto the dance floor.

After a wonderful day we get all of our lovely customers back onto the Premier bus and back home safe and sound so they can enjoy the rest of their day and evening, keep an eye out here for our next event which will be announced very soon – hopefully we will see you there again! Don’t miss out…


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